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A winding walkway through the garden.

A welcome approach to your doors. Basalite’s San Francisco Cobblestone pavers are the ideal choice for those who desire surroundings that combine elegance with a comfortably rustic ambience. For your hardscape designs that require more formal styling, pavers offer the traditional look and feel of centuries-old Roman cobbled block. Creativity doesn’t end there. In the Renaissance colors, the collection provides you with the opportunity to design complementary retaining and garden walls, and stairways that create your personal statement. The earthy hues will allow you to harmonize environment and home exterior- whatever their style- to create an inviting haven of tranquility and warmth.Durable and perfect for high traffic areas, Basalite’s Plank Paver is sleek and exudes ultra modern appeal. Available in two sizes and a variety of captivating colors and surface textures, the Plank Paver is sure to make an impact in any residential or commercial project.